Plant specialization:


PJSC “Zaporozhye Plant of electrical apparatuses” that was founded in year 1949 is specialized on product manufacturing on the base of the newest achievements of electronic and information equipment.


Complete frequency electric drives ECT4 series.



They are applying for power asynchronous motors form 0,55 to 500 kW rotate frequency regulation. Provide: velocity regulation, reverse, operated braking with or without energy recuperation. Vector or more simple programmable control with given current-limiting and all types of motor and technological aggregate converters protection provision is foreseen. It provides asynchronous motor power supply frequency regulation in diapason from 0,2 to 200 Hz at nominal moment storage on the mechanism’s shaft.





Electric drives ECT4 main application: metallurgy, chemical, coal-mining, textile, sugar, agro-processing industries. Power consumption from the mains effective reducing appears at electric drives ECT series usage in utilities: water supplying and sewerage pumps, cities thermal power stations.




Powered from 0,55 kW to 25 kW converters ECT series are used in different technological lines as actuators. By special request other frequency converters are produced.




Static power sources ECT4S series.


They are designed for electricity consumer autonomous supplying where stable frequency is demanded or mains with required parameters are absent. ECT4S with frequency and voltage stabilization has following standard performances: power supply voltage 380V, power supply frequency 50, 60 Hz, rated output current 10÷800A, rated output voltage 0÷400V, rated output frequency 2÷400 Hz. Converter control – from integrated programmable microcontroller and control panel with display and remote – from external communication elements such as buttons, relays.




DC thyristor electric drives (complete) TEP series            



They are designed for DC motor control. TEP series product has in-built controllable motor excitation systems on current till 60A, protection and signaling systems, movement coordinates regulation system. This electric drives are manufactured for powers from 2,5 kW to 2500 kW, voltage 220, 440, 660, 825, 1050V. TEP series has motor armature current in reversible and irreversible fulfillments, microprocessor (or analog) control system.





TEP series products have special standard performances for high-voltage synchronous motor start control and reactive power regulation. They are used for synchronous motors with stator voltage 6 kV and 10 kV. Standard performances for power generators and DC motors excitation supplying are foreseen also.




Contactless thristor soft starters PBT series   



They present controllable three-phase or single-phase thyristor AC regulator with adjustment, protection and signaling systems. Provide soft start, velocity parametrical regulation and motor protection against overloads and phase break-down or provide voltage soft change on the load. Possesses high reliability at heightened commutation frequency, durability. Exploitation expanses considerable reduce in compare with contact equipment. Soft start allows excluding network voltage reduce at power motors start. Provides mechanism rotate frequency downward to 0,7 value from rated velocity or in mechanisms with ventilator moment on the roll (pumps, ventilators) in whole diapason adjustment.


Soft starter of main standard performances features:

Output voltage 415, 380, 660 V,

Output current 16÷1000A      











Thyristor DC drives TPE series


They are developed for hard climatic conditions and are applying for boring rig mechanisms and cranes with directly placement on the boring rigs, cranes or clamshell-hopper loader platforms and allow operating at environmental temperature from -50°C to +50°C. Power supply voltage 220, 380, 400, 415, 400V frequency 50, 60 Hz. Protection level is IP20 (IP32). Natural air cooling. Have integrated source for motor excitation, rotate frequency two-zoned regulation automatic system. By the way of armature current operation fulfillment – irreversible and reversible.






Cathode protection devices    


They represent controllable sources or autonomous transistor invertors with manual, automatic or remote remote-control adjustment of output voltage or current. System of protective current or protected constructions potential stabilization is foreseen. The Plant produces serially cathode protection thyristor units BKZ, V-OPEC, UKZV, UKZN series powered from 0,6 to 15 kW for underground constructions and pipelines cathode protection against corrosion.




Aggregates BKZ, V-OPEC series are placed inside the rooms where AC 220V power supply exists. On their base appliances UKZN series (that are set in fields) with AC power supply 220V or appliances UKZV series (that are set in fields) with power supply 6,3 kV or 10 kV are manufactured. Protection channels quantity is specified in order.



Fundamentally new series of cathode protection units BKZ series with microprocessor operational system (MPOS) that are built on impulse AC/DC voltage converter principle is developed on enterprise.




Electrical equipment for municipal electric transport (tram, subway, trolley)



Traction substations equipment


Rectifiers V-TPED series on currents 50, 100, 200, 320, 500, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000 A and output voltages 220, 440, 660, 825 V included protection, commutation and signaling apparatuses.


Board complete electrical equipment KPTT series for tram and trolley motors control that are constructed on power IGBT type transistors by contactless scheme for traction motors operation.



Apparatuses RT 300/300 A series for subway train wagons effective braking control.


Household consumer goods:

Three or four hotplates household electrical stoves with or without oven, cast iron electrical hotplates, electric fireplaces, table sensor lamps.
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