Information description of children rehabilitation and recreation establishment “Krystal” of PJSC “ZEAZ”



estuary Molochniy, in the country of Yakimovka and Malitopol cities CRRE “Krystal” is situated at the Azov sea water area, in the clean area of Bogatirskiy forestry and therefore shadow from the trees helps to stand summer heat. Moreover acacia, pine, thuja and other trees enriches the air with ozone and have unique rehabilitation and medical effect.




Legal address: 69032, Zaporizhzhya, Uzhnoe Shosse, 9


Tel/Fax: (061) 212-57-08 PJSC “Zaporozhye Plant of electrical apparatuses”


Actual address: 72534, selo Bogatir, Jakimivskiy district, Zaporozhye region Tel: (06131) 9-36-59  


PJSC “ZPEA” general manager – Sidorenko Mark Volodimirovitch

CRRE “Krystall” director – Zasoba Oleksandr Vikolajovitch



Ownership type: private


Incorporation form: structural subdivision of Public Joint Stock Company “Zoporozhye Plant of Electrical Apparatuses”


Short view of establishment location and terms of children placement.


  1. For children recreation organization on the territory there are and used:

-         three floor stone housing for children placement (115 places), 41 rooms for 3-4 people in one and two one floor houses (24 three place rooms). General quantity of places in the complex – 176.

-         Modern dining complex for 250 people;

-         Dance playground (discos every day);

-         Cinema;

-         Sport playground is situated on the sea shore (mini football and volleyball grounds);

-         Ping-pong tables;

-         Library;

-         Medical center, infirmary for 4 people;

-         Covered pavilions for carrying out activities;

-         Rooms for groups (chess, embroidery etc.)


All mentioned above accommodations are put in to the operation in 5 days before first arriving.


  1. Children placement:


In a room 3-4 people are placed, balconies witch have view to the estuary; sanitary rooms are situated in the left and right wing of stage, in one floor buildings the WC and washbasin are placed outside. The beds are wooden in the rooms, 2 bedsides and cupboard.



  1. Service:


The bed linen set includes:

bedcover, blanket, pillow, towel, 2 sheets. Linen change is held one time in 5 days. Before arrivals a sanitization of all compartments is held. There is ironing room on the territory where children or laundress can wash and iron their clothing. The cold water is supplied day and night from own artesian borehole. Potable medical water relates to hydrochloric sodium with mineralization 7-8 mg/l and is recommended for patients with respiratory and gastrointestinal track diseases. The hot water is supplied to the shower according to the schedule. Hygienic room for girls works day and night.



  1. Nutrition:


Every child is supplied by nutrition five times a day. The nutrition is in one change. The waiters and standby unit provide food supply 10 minutes before dining time.


Cooking technology, food storage and food deadline terms of implementation also as sanitary norms compulsory execution is guaranteed. The cookers of 5 and 6 category make tasty and useful meals. There is a table with control portions in the canteen. After recreation term is finished rations and water are given to children for the way back. First three days the mineral water is additionally given out for organism adaptation. Personality nutrition – three times a day.



  1. The sea and the beach


Own beach has 200 meters length and is situated in 40 meters form the accommodations. There are shadow canopies for each squad, two dressing rooms and two shower cabins on the beach. The bottom of estuary Molochniy is sandy, not deep. The swimming and sun bath taken passes under the supervision of physician, sailor rescuer and beach duty person.


  1. Security:

Territory day and night security is fulfilled by 3 caretakers.


  1. Medical:


There is equipped medical center on the territory of complex. There are consulting room for children reception and first medical help given, 2 infirmaries. A pediatrician with 20 years works experience and a medical nurse are on the territory constantly.


  1. Complex territory:


The territory of 2,31 Ha is placed in the forest massif named Bogatirske forestry. There are playground, benches for relaxation, gazebos and other installations. Two janitors makes territory cleaning everyday.


  1. The services witch are included in the cost of staying:


-         living (3-4 places);

-         nutrition (five times);

-         medical service (medical first help given);

-         rations;

-         transportation by buses from Malitopol or Yakimovka railway stations (children delivery form “Customer” placement to the children establishment is possible if is necessary).


  1. Educational staff:

senior teacher with 8 years work experience in camps and counselors from Melitopol pedagogically University of 2-3 courses. If is necessity the “Customer’s” escort can get a job in the establishment as an educator.


  1. Excursions:


Different excursions are held here:

-         Bogatirskiy forestry;

-         Kamyana Mohyla;

-         Ostrich farm.


  1. Connection:


There are stationary telephone (06131)9-36-59 and payphone on the territory.


Arrivals schedule: form 1 of June 2013.


Driveway itinerary: Crimea direction trains to Melitopol and Yakimovka stations.

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