Charger is designed for traction accumulator batteries with rated output voltage 120V, size 385, 440, 560, 640 A∙h (ZU ZAZ-120/385-640) and 720, 805, 900, 1080 A∙h (ZU ZAZ-120/720-1080) charging in mine conditions. The device provides charge regime according to acid battery charge features and accumulator battery charge time optimization.

The device conditional shorthand structure:


X1 – rated output voltage, V;

X2 – X3 – accumulator batteries size diapason subjected for charge, A∙h.

An explosion protection level due to the GOST 12.2.020-76.

Explosion protection types:

-   P – protection type “e” due to the GOST 22782.7-81;

-   Ia – intrinsically save electric circuit due to the GOST 22782.7-81.

Climate type fulfillment is UHL5 due to the GOST 15150-69.

Protection level against external influences is IP54 due to the GOST 15150-69.

Class “I” electric shock damage protection due to the GOST

The charger serves for current converting from three-phase to alternate for accumulator batteries charge.


ZU ZAZ-120/385-640 has 4 programs for accumulator batteries charge:

Program 1 – size 385A;

Program 2 – size 440A;

Program 3 – size 560A;

Program 4 – size 640A.

ZU ZAZ-120/720-1080 has 4 programs for accumulator batteries charge:

Program 1 – size 720A;

Program 2 – size 805A;

Program 3 – size 900A;

Program 4 – size 1080A.


The device has following protection types:

1.     Id max” –protection against accumulator battery charging by currents that exceed rated charge current over 30%.

2.     No battery” – works out when the accumulator battery with voltage less then 78V is joined to the device or if the accumulator battery is absent.

3.     T” – thermal protection works out when temperature achieves: for mains transformers (Ttr) 150°C; for power diodes (Td) 150°C; for power thyristors (Tt) 150°C;

4.      “Phase break-down” – works out when one of power supply 3x660/380V phases is broken-down;

5.     Leakage” – works out at accumulator battery insulation resistant reduce below 5 kOhm.

6.     Polarity reverse” – works out at polarity nonobservance;

7.     Charge circuit disruption” – works out at a circuit disruption between the charger and the accumulator battery during charging or when charge current that is less then 4A flowing through the charge circuit.


Charger electrical scheme contains an electro mechanic interlock nodal point that excludes possibility of service personal accidental contact with being under voltage current running parts. Any protection work outs bring to power supply voltage 3x660x380V cessation.

The charger provides 2 work modes:

-   charge” mode – main automatic charge mode;

-   recharge” mode –  “manual” charging mode by stabilized current 5% from accumulator battery rated power value (hereinafter “C5” in the text) when the automation is disconnected.


The “Charge” mode consists of 5 sub modes:

1.     Regenerative charge” – is intended for accumulator battery voltage recovering by stabilized current 5% from “C5” at dead discharge from 78V to 102V. The device is automatically turns to “Charge 1” mode when accumulator battery achieves voltage 102V.

2.     Charge 1 – accumulator battery charging by stabilized current 20% form “C5” until the voltage on the accumulator battery achieves 144V, that is 2,4V on an element.

3.     Charge 2 – accumulator battery charging at voltage stabilization on 144V magnitude and smooth current recession to 5% from “C5” value.

4.     Charge 3 – accumulator battery charging by stabilized current 5% from “C5” until voltage on accumulator battery achieves 156V, that is 2,6V on element.

5.     Padding charge” – consist of five minute impulses by stabilized current 5% from the “C5” after each 55 minutes.

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